Automate part of your sales plan without sacrificing personalization

Define the limits of machine-generated actions and know when to switch from “cyborg” to human

A robot can write names on your behalf

From “Sales seems fun” to “Urgh, feels numb typing similar messages 50 times in a row”

Use robots to keep smooth fingers

“I’ll automate the mundane sales tasks” — know where to set limits for automation

Robots are your friends — think of fridges

“Hello [Name]”, “Hello [Name]”, “Hello [Name]” and to infinity and beyond

A robot substitutes humans

“Hello, I got in touch with you on LinkedIn but it seems like my message didn’t reach” — write that 300 times and your fingers will despise you

I still don’t know what GDPR is tbh 😂

“Is Monday 9:45 good for you?”, “Well, I’d rather do Tuesday 15:45”

A robot can decide on timing on your behalf

Send “Hello Stefanie” and realize 0.2 seconds later that the person’s name is Mustapha

His name is not Stefanie, and you feel ashamed after sending the wrong name

“You automate tasks, so you don’t care about who you speak with.”

Using tools does not de-humanize the sales process



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