Conduct SEO due diligence before your website’s launch (part II)

Making sure all teeth are in order before biting big Google.

Can my periodontal scaler extract keywords?


My mother works in Casablanca (Morocco) and is situated in a central location with plenty of competitors. When you type in French “dentiste Casablanca”, this is what the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) shows:

Clearly, we need a Google My Business account
People look for a dentist in certain locations (Maarif, Bourgogne, City Centre)

Ranking factors

There are more than 200 factors that come into play when ranking your website in Google. These vary and can range from content length or keywords to page speed and mobile friendliness.


Of course, I do not plan to rank well for “dentiste Casablanca” only. Also, it would be too cocky to just say “I will rank”, without first checking how difficult it would be.

There is not even Keyword difficulty — is it that easy?
  • Average search volume per month of 900 — this gives me hope as I would need only 10 to 20 new patients per month
  • 16% of all the clicks are for paid ads — this makes me consider PPC (Pay-per-click e.g. Google Ads)
I will explore the top 10 and integrate those in the website


As a start, I will rank for French queries. Once familiar with how to do this, I will move on to Arabic, if necessary. 🛂

Domain name

I did not know which TLD (top-level domain) to go for — a .com or .ma (which is specific for Morocco; in French it is Maroc). We ended up purchasing the following:



Speed is a critical ranking factor. Google clearly encourages us to create fast loading pages. ⚡

Poor mobile speed
Average desktop speed
The page takes 8.3 seconds to load — the time it takes me to shower
I always cross check with numerous tools #insurance

Web performance

I use the free tool Yellow Lab for performance tests, here are the results:

The tool failed to calculate a score for the mobile version

Mobile friendliness

The website we will create must be mobile friendly. Google clearly states in its SEO Starter Guide that mobile-friendliness is a critical element.

Is it that bad?

Security (HTTPS)

Google clearly suggest in its Help Center that it is advised to use HTTPS in order to protect users’ connections to the website.

Danger ahead!

Duplicate content

Google clearly despises the deceptive use of duplicated content. Let’s see if the top-ranked website abuses that.

Who wants to steal content from a dentist anyway?


Using BeamsUsUp (free), I discovered the following with this top-ranked website:

Someone is not following the rules

Number of pages

Given that this is a showcase website, we do not plan to have multiple pages. We want to keep it simple. Let’s look at the competitor:

Did the dentist upload his thesis?

Exchanging SEO best practices with the developer

We are not using WordPress or Squarespace to build this website given how Seif codes websites from scratch.

Source code from a website’s dentist in the US
Making sure the text fits well before it’s public
The tool linked above helps you create a sitemap
The star ratings appear thanks to the data markup
You have a picture in the search result thanks to data markup

Next steps

Now that I have conducted a brief SEO due diligence, I am confident I can help my mother. The next steps are:

😱See you on the 1st of May😱

Tools used

Here is a list of the tools mentioned in this article:



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