Conduct SEO due diligence before your website’s launch (part II)

Making sure all teeth are in order before biting big Google.

Can my periodontal scaler extract keywords?


Clearly, we need a Google My Business account
People look for a dentist in certain locations (Maarif, Bourgogne, City Centre)

Ranking factors


There is not even Keyword difficulty — is it that easy?
I will explore the top 10 and integrate those in the website


Domain name


Poor mobile speed
Average desktop speed
The page takes 8.3 seconds to load — the time it takes me to shower
I always cross check with numerous tools #insurance

Web performance

The tool failed to calculate a score for the mobile version

Mobile friendliness

Is it that bad?

Security (HTTPS)

Danger ahead!

Duplicate content

Who wants to steal content from a dentist anyway?


Someone is not following the rules

Number of pages

Did the dentist upload his thesis?

Exchanging SEO best practices with the developer

Source code from a website’s dentist in the US
Making sure the text fits well before it’s public
The tool linked above helps you create a sitemap
The star ratings appear thanks to the data markup
You have a picture in the search result thanks to data markup

Next steps

😱See you on the 1st of May😱

Tools used