First lessons learned building (and selling) a brand analytics tool

Insights into the B2B space & lessons on product, sales, and client relationships.

I could have higher self-esteem (my nose is round, not sharp, btw).
Measuring the distance between my finger and my hand. 🤙

Part 1: the problem and the solution

The client is better looking than how he appears here.
The client is flurrying requests.
Drawing a logo 101.
The vast universe of marketing (mostly online).
Looks like the monkey is about to sneeze. 🐒👃
Beware of fire, water, and … alligators.
You can keep track of progress over time.

Part 2: a lesson in product and a lesson in B2B sales

Scene of the crime — the first version of your product.
The almighty Product-Market Fit.
Happy with your little crew, until they are gone. ✋
It’s a numbers game. Just accept it.

Part 3: insights extracted from conversations with brand managers

Fishing for numbers.
Invest in a mattress. You spend 1/3 of your time there, don’t be cheap.

What’s next?




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