• Marco Visentini

    Marco Visentini

  • Pedro Oliveira

    Pedro Oliveira

    Software Engineer & Part-Time Traveller/Photographer

  • Sophie Alvarez

    Sophie Alvarez

    My soul is from elsewhere, of this I am sure, and I intend to end up there | Inbound Sales Consultant + Content Creator + Copy Writer |

  • Paul Bratby

    Paul Bratby

    Founder of Global Trading Software a marketplace bringing professional trading indicators, Auto traders & trading strategies to multiple platforms

  • Amal Amine

    Amal Amine

    Mainly coffee & code. Oh, and #fcancer

  • Niels van Beek

    Niels van Beek

  • Roy Derks

    Roy Derks

    Roy Derks is a serial startup CTO, developer, author and conference speaker from Amsterdam. Currently leading the engineering teams at Vandebron.

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