How to track brand metrics by target audiences using Google Data Studio [step-by-step guide]

Understand how certain types of people do perceive your brand by creating an interactive Data Studio dashboard

We selected Brand Consideration and segmented by Women aged 26–35

Objective: measure brand performance across different target audiences

Checking the Unaided Brand Awareness by brands

Data collection: combine surveys with a data science model

Step #1: create unique rows with one single number/result

Fill in all the cells — if you pick “El Salvador” in Country, all the columns kept with “All” and the Target Group as “None”, you will have have the result of how El Salvador’s population perceives your brand in general (no specific target audience selected)
If you do not like Google Sheets, you can use other sources (and even databases)

Step #2: set all the Filter controls to Single select

Without “Single select”, the data would be a mess

Step #3: set a “standard” page and analyze audiences from there

Anyone on this page will first see El Salvador’s population awareness and consideration levels of the brand Cookie Boonie — and from there, can play with the different demographics and attributes

Step #4: create multiple perspectives to visualize your data

Not looking to compare by markets? Try by competitors instead

Step #5: remove misguiding numbers from the selections

Avoid showing confusing numbers to the user

Step #6: reset to default mode to explore a new audience

Not to “break” the GDS, go back to the default mode every time you are done exploring an audience

GDS: fancy playing with the tool?

They found water! Yahoo! I mean, Google!



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