How to use Google Data Studio to track your brand’s performance

A data-delivery alternative to Google Sheets or PowerPoint

Such a mess … full of data 📊

How is the data structured?

We kept the variables limited to a few, you can, of course, have more ⚗️
Cross-check with your Google Sheets and make sure Dates are formatted the same way 📅

Visualize your performance in different countries or cities

The French like to eat cookies more than the German :O
Berlin represent 🤙
Didn’t bother to change the colors 🙄

See if your brand reached those you specifically targeted

Over time, there is progress in brand awareness of cookie lovers vs non-lovers (in Germany)

The classic: Bar chart; The not so classic: mix up variables

The data averages 5 years, so is irrelevant, but you get the main point 🤤

How does this compare to Google Presentation?

Way too many tabs — and I did not even show them all 😔
The one and only 😮

That’s it?

Cookie Monster’s brand manager finds GDS — did I really need to describe this picture? 👅



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